Man has evolved from the hand of iron, the infinite iron applications have transformed the world. Kabiros is studio where handicrafts have been rescued from their use. Our experience, quality and design enables us to produce objects that enrich your lives and your spaces.
Men has evolved by the hand of iron, since that era, their almost infinite applications have transformed the world. Kabiros is the workshop by excellence, which has rescued the ancient methods of its uses. In Kabiros rest the innovation spirit, our designs become true thanks to the commitment and expertise of our artisans, that allows us to produce objects and projects that enrich your life, ours, and the life of your spaces.
We always go beyond your expectations, we have reach an international standard quality based in the highest requirements, tests that we have approved thanks to passion and love for this work, implementing the most rigorous controls that we found in more than 10 years of experience.  

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